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Suction Irrigation Set(with Smoke Filter)

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Suction irrigation set with smoke filter


The design of suction channel being connected with filter channel can conveniently adjust smoke flow. 

● Handle is ergonomically designed in comfortable radian shape. 

● The unique design that suction and irrigation channel on a same line with same diameter make pressurized flushing possible. 

● Handle inside structure is designed visible for easy monitoring. Structure is solidly built in good quality. 

● Suction & irrigation keys are designed in comfort size and they can be conveniently recognized by differently surface on key and different height. 

● Stainless steel probe is round and smooth, which avoids trauma to internal tissues in suction & irrigation operation.  

● Flip design in the rear port of specimen-retrieval can be conveniently operated by single hand, for quick close or reduce of air running-out. 

●Creative big volume channel makes quick flow & less blocking.