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Unimicro Expanding Manufacturing Base

Source : Unimicro|Release Time : 2021-02-20| Hits : Loading ...

Unimicro expanded manufacturing base by setting up a new factory in Guangming District in 2020 with a 5000 m2 clean workshop and a 1000 m2 lab.

100,000 Level Purification and Disinfection Production Workshop

Unimicro production workshop covers a GMP grade clean room of about 5000m2 . It is staffed with specialized personnel and  equipped with manufacturing machines for daily production and ensure our production precision, productivity and stability.

1000 M2 Quality Inspection Laboratory

Unimicro quality inspection laboratory covers an area of nearly 1,000㎡ with Positive Pressure Laboratory, Negative Pressure Laboratory, Physics Laboratory, Biology Laboratory, Residue Inspection Room and others,which undertakes raw material inspection, quality control for the production process, finished product delivery inspection and other tasks, which comprehensively controls the product quality.

20 CBM Ethylene Oxide Sterilizer

Unimicro equipped a 20m3 EO sterilizer on the first floor in our manufacturing center to maintain daily products  sterilization.

Changing Rooms(Sanitizing Equipments)

Unimicro is equipped with changing rooms to control contamination, which is essential for a medical manufacturer.